Beware: Know the facts before you rent his house

Looks tranquil, but just wait until nighttime and the disco starts
Looks tranquil, but just wait until nighttime and the disco starts

There are many agencies that try to rent visitors to Cartagena, Columbia the seemingly appealing house called Casa Alta de Gastelbondo on Calle 38. The interior photos are beautiful and in fact, as you can see, it is a very interesting house. Except that just beyond that rear wall is an open to the air, backyard shared with a nightclub/disco. Which means that any given night, the music from the clubs infuses the entire house until the wee hours of the morning.


Have a listen yourself below. This was recorded at about 1:30 in the morning, just outside the door of the second floor master bedroom – about three meters from the bed itself. Just next to the hammock in the photo above. It didn’t stop until 3:45 am.

But noise problems with this house do not end there. The the two most desirable bedrooms face the street which is noisy throughout the night from passing cars and trucks, patrons leaving the restaurant across the street, or simply folks yelling out to one another. In fact there is not even a window in the upstairs master bath, just some rickety shutters that allow noise in freely (oh, also reduce your privacy to zero.)

You will be asked to pay a premium price for this otherwise lovely home, but you will regret it once you are inside and trying to rest.